A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by Melville-Jones

A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by Melville-Jones

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Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by Melville-Jones, J.
Hardback with dust jacket, 329 pages, black & white illustrations

It is 115 years since Seth Stevenson's magisterial Dictionary of Roman Coins was first published, and there have been several direct reprints since which indicate its continuing value for students of the subject. In this new Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins, Professor Melville Jones has produced a work on a small scale that brings together in a more compact form the results of recent scholarship. A wealth of coin photographs has been used to illustrate the entries.

Created on the traditional A-Z basis, this Dictionary lists deities, denominations, subjects and topics that need explanation or elucidation. It is a dictionary that will be invaluable to all numismatists concerned with Roman coins, Republican and Imperial, and of use to anyone interested in the world of ancient Rome. Like its predecessor on Ancient Greek Coins, this dictionary arose from Professor Melville Jones' need for such a compilation in his teaching at the Department of Classics and Ancient History in the University of Western Australia. Built up from a practical need, there can be no better recommendation for a book that will obviously remain a standard reference in its field for many years to come.

With 204 coin illustrations and tables of alphabets.