Collectors’ Coins Decimal (UK) 2018

Collectors’ Coins Decimal (UK) 2018

  • £7.35

A comprehensive listing and price-guide to UK decimal coins, covering all normal, commemorative and proof (including gold and silver) issues from 1968 up to February 2018, including some written details of some forthcoming 2018 coins.

The latest edition of the most popular book on British money, ever!

  • 50 Years of Decimal Coinage, 1968 – 2018.
  • New four page section on the new 12-sided £1 coin.
  • Essential guide for all modern UK coin collectors.
  • Updated current market values.
  • Many new ‘Used condition’ prices added
  • Well researched facts and absolutely no hype.
  • Every major decimal British currency coin type including all commemorative coins is illustrated at actual size and in full colour.
  • Mintage numbers by date.
  • Summaries of each coin type, including accurate weights and sizes.
  • Newly reported varieties and many errors have been listed.

During the 60s and early 70s “Check Your Change” sold 1.75 million copies, making it the biggest selling book about coins ever. Forty-seven years later and there are now some decimal coins that are considerably scarcer than others. Rumours about rare British coins frequently circulate and occasionally public hype, word of mouth and outrageously false tabloid reporting garners false or misleading information. This book puts it all straight and reveals the true modern British coinage rarities. Honest and down to earth.

Every British decimal coin is illustrated in full colour and at actual size, so it’s an excellent companion to any members of the public, people with a passing interest or serious collectors that want to try to obtain a representative collection of British decimal coinage.