identifying buckles

identifying buckles

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 Identifying Buckles

Identifying Buckles details:

Identifying Buckles by M.Cuddeford. Soft back, 39 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14.5cm x 21cm.

The guide to buckles which begins from the beginning and concentrates on describing the features that place a buckle in a specific period - all good stuff.


  • Background history
  • Component parts and terminology
  • Roman period Anglo-Saxon period
  • Medieval period
  • Tudor & Stuart period
  • Hanoverian period.


On the back cover:

Buckles have been in use for well over 2000 years, and have changed little in their basic functional form. As a result, to the untrained eye, one may seem much like another even when a millennium may separate two given examples. In this book, the complete range of different types is examined, from antiquity through to modern times. All the main styles are illustrated with clear line drawings, and a comprehensive selection of actual examples is also included with details of provenance where available. Identifying Buckles provides a reliable handbook for anyone wishing to date and attribute buckles from all periods of history.