identifying buttons

identifying buttons

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The author combination of collector/expert and detectorist/researcher have come up with an excellent and well-illustrated booklet with some colour plates.


  • Historical background
  • Armed forces buttons
  • Civilian uniform buttons
  • Decorative and utilitarian buttons
  • Appendices
  • French military uniform buttons
  • Button backmarks
  • Kitemarks on buttons
  • Crowns and coronets found on buttons
  • Glossary of button terminology.


On the back cover:

Buttons have a long history, dating back perhaps even as far as the Bronze Age, but how can you tell an antique button from a modern one? Could granny's button box contain a hidden treasure? Many buttons are plain and simple, but others are miniature works of art reflecting the history of costume and fashion. Uniform buttons may evoke the grandeur of past times,or carry the echoes of battles won and lost. Buttons are highly collectable. This book provides anyone with an interest in buttons the information they will need to understand the scope of the subject, and to successfully date and classify most types of button.