Mars 15" Goliath Coil For Garrett Metal Detectors

Mars 15" Goliath Coil For Garrett Metal Detectors

  • £172.00


Discover new capabilities with mars m.d coils! These coils don’t require a coil cover, the most rugged, lightweight, well built coils on the market.

The goliath coil from mars, deep seeking, lightweight, rugged and ultra strong, with added ground coverage at 15"

All mars coils have the following specifications.

Maximum target detection depth for the same size coil

Large scan area

High selectivity (distinguishing between ferrous and non ferrous objects)

Enhanced sensitivity to non-ferrous targets

Super reliable mounting to the detectors stem

Cable break protection

100% waterproof

Shock resistant abs body

High strength cable with extra protection against electrical interference.

Anti corrosion protection of contacts in the connector

3 year warranty.

Coil Specification:

Coil type: DD

Coil shape: round

Size Inches: 15″

Size, cm: 38 cm

Weight: 635 gram