QUEST q40 with raptor coil

QUEST q40 with raptor coil

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Quest Q40  c/w 11 x 9.5" Raptor coil from Quest / Deteknix.

The Quest Q40 metal detector uses the 13kHz frequency during the research.

It is easy to mount and thanks to the three adjustable rods it can be adjusted between 80 cm and 130 cm.

It features a 11 "x9" TurboD Waterproof Plate, a rechargeable lithium battery also via the USB computer port and wireless headphones.

The Quest Q40 allows its user to adjust the volume, adjust the sensitivity, metal discrimination, and land the soil automatically or manually.

You can use one of the four preset programs between Coin Mode, Jewelry Mode, Beach Mode and All Metal Mode to allow the researcher to immediately start his research with standard settings or to use programs 1 and 2 that are customizable and remain in memory.


.wireless headphones

. IP66 Waterproof Control box.

. Wireless Headphones included.

. 11 x 9.5" Raptor  coil.. USB rechargeable Li Battery.. LED backlight illuminates LCD.. Intuitive programing MENU.

. Only 1.11kg unit weight.

. 13kHz VLF technology.

. Lightning recovery speed.

. FeSen ferrous audio switch.

. 3 Preset + 2 customer programmes.

. 20 Segments target ID.