Quest wire free lite wireless headphones and transmitter

Quest wire free lite wireless headphones and transmitter

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The latest RF Wire Free Headphones from Quest.

The Quest Wireless headphones are designed to be used on any detector that has a normal headphone jack socket. Adapters are included to use on 3.5mm and 6.35mm jacks. These headphones will also work with many makes of Garrett if they use the standard jack plug socket.

Adapters are  available from us to enable owners of the Garrett AT Pro & AT Gold detectors to also use this kit.

The Foldable headphones have volume control and come in a nice zipped hard case which also holds the tiny transmitter, two USB charging cables and the jack adapters.

The Transmitter is charged magnetically by USB cable like the latest smart phones. The headphones are charged by a normal mobile phone type plug on a  USB cable. Usable life when fully charged is claimed to be six hours. This can be easily extended on longer sessions by a quick top up through a car cigarette lighter USB adapter or one of the latest USB charger / battery storers that carry enough power to even charge a deus or several mobile phones.