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Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector aimed at the first time buyer, only having a combined on/off, discrimination control, it runs on one PP3 and is hard wired with a 8'' polo Coil. This detector would suit the budding beginner as well as the more advanced detectorist.

Tesoro's opinion
The Tesoro COMPADRE was designed with the idea that less is more. This modest machine can do a lot of the same things it's big brothers can do. It works great for coin, competition and relic hunting and it does it without any excessive knobs. Switch on the detector and you're working in a silent search, motion all metal mode. The further you turn the knob the more discrimination you have. The COMPADRE has it all. One knob simplicity for the beginner with high gain circuitry and the famous Tesoro ED-180 discrimination for the advanced user. If one detector can do all this then maybe less is more.


Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Features

  • Designed for all ages
  • VLF
  • 12KHz Frequency
  • Silent Search
  • All Metal & Discriminate modes
  • Lightweight design
  • Built in mineral rejection
  • Single knob simplicity