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LED setting is now only on/off 
Alert change: Vibrate only and beep Vibrate (removable of beep-only mode)
Changed user interface beeps to have unique responses.

  • Unique power-on (low to high) and power-off (high to low) jingles. Previously there was a single beep for both functions.
  • The Frequency Shift Menu now beeps with a changing pitch for each setting. (The unit used to use the same beep for all 16 settings, with one of them being a double-beep)

The Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer pinpoints the exact location of metal objects buried in soil, sand or dirt. The F-Pulse is a fully waterproof pinpointer, submersible to 6 feet and is capable of functioning in salt and fresh water.

• Pulse Induction
• Beep, vibrate or both
• Lost mode alarm
• Single button operation
• 3 sensitivity levels
• Proportional response
• Retune
• Adjustable LED light
• Auto shutdown
• 2-AA batteries (not included)
• Belt holster included
• 2-year warranty
• Constructed from special abrasion-resistant materials (won’t wear through like other pinpointers)