Garrett Goldmaster 24K Metal Detector

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Garrett Goldmaster 24K Metal Detector fitted with 6" x 10" DD Waterproof Coil including Headphones, Rechargeable Batteries, and Battery Charger.

The Garrett Goldmaster 24k is an induction-balance, high-frequency gold nugget metal detector.


XGB Ground Balance System - Auto tracking system permits the GM24k to be used in a wide variety of earth conditions with a more steady operation and less ground noise;

Two Audio Modes - operator can choose from the 2-tone 'Beep' Mode to help differentiate target types or the Standard VCO 'Zip' Mode, where audio pitch and volume rise as signal strength increases;

Variable Self Adjusting Threshold - This allows the user to adjust the threshold recovery speed to help minimise the effects of changing ground mineralisation;

Iron and Hot Rock Elimination;

Weatherproof machine with waterproof coil;

Ground-Sync - to quickly update ground settings;

TracLock - to lock the current ground balance setting;

Adjustable Iron Cancel - feature for iron trash and hot rocks;

Backlight - to enable viewing settings at night or in low light;

Volume Control - Fully adjustable volume control plus Boost options;

Threshold Adjustment - Adjust to the level which fits your style of detecting;

Frequency Shift - Used to reduce electromagnetic interference;

Sensitivity Control Levels - adjustable from 0 - 10.



Additional Information:

The Garrett Goldmaster 24k is an induction-balance, high-frequency gold nugget metal detector.
Testing this machine showed a 54% increase in coil voltage over the prior White’s GMT model in a tiny, 0.4-grain crystalline nugget encased in quartz. Sometimes power like this can be challenging in heavily mineralised soil areas. The GM24k is an extremely “hot” machine on small gold and sample nuggets, even at lower gain settings. Experienced gold hunters know more sensitivity is not the only answer to increasing the chances of success. A machine’s capability to track and cancel the ground is frequently the most significant challenge faced in searching for gold. That’s why the Goldmaster 24k features a unique ground tracking system “XGB” (Xtreme Ground Balance). It works with multiple ground points to provide steady operation. Moreover, the GM24k features Iron/Hot-Rock cancellation in both audio modes, extending the ground range even more for quiet operation on the most demanding ground. When the nuggets are few and spread, prospectors sometimes have more luck at sluicing and panning or dry washing. The GM24k Ground Scan feature can help successfully follow and mark black sand or other mineral sediments in river beds or underground (where the backlight is convenient). Further key features such as Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold (vSAT), Ground-Sync, TracLock, and adaptable audio options help operators to set up the machine as desired, based on soil conditions and personal liking.