Metal detecting on the coast

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This book covers all aspects of sand and surf detecting and asks all of the questions beginners might ask. Also covered is advice on making a start without spending a fortune on new equipment. Beach combing is covered, as is using a non waterproof detector to the best of its ability to make exciting finds on the beach. You can also learn how to locate driven ashore wreck sites, where ancient and medieval coins and artefacts turn up on British and Continental beaches, contacts for group visits to foreign shores in the winter months and much more.


  • Introduction Why do holiday beaches make such good detecting sites?
  • What happens to coins or jewellery after their owners lose them in sand or surf.
  • Summary - 10 questions to be answered if you want to locate coin and jewellery losses on any beach.
  • Eyes only...Plus two sample tools: A beachcombers way to make finds on the foreshore.
  • Metal Detectors for coastal sites.
  • Britain's best 100 beaches and how to locate their gullies and glory holes.
  • A look at some continental coasts and their top resorts.
  • How to detect history around the coast.
  • The top 100 seaside resorts in 1900 according to official census results.
  • Legal aspects.
  • The obligations of responsible beach detectorists.


On the back cover:

No other individual has contributed so much to metal detecting as Edward Fletcher. We are proud to have secured the services of one of the most knowledgeable, authoritative enthusiasts the hobby has ever known to take you on a beach detecting adventure. Should you be a newcomer, looking for complete and fully detailed information on this exciting metal detecting journey, or an experienced old hand, the invitation to participate on the United Kingdom's and Continental golden sands is for you! Every month of the year the rewards are just waiting to be 'found'