Minelab Equinox 900 Metal Detector + Free Pro Find 40 Pinpointer

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Minelab Equinox 900





Introducing the new Minelab offering with Equinox 900. This new metal detector is an upgrade to the 800 and includes a whole host of new and improved features making it the perfect next step in enhancing your favourite hobby.

The second new release from Minelab, it offers a mid-price range option for our customers. This detector offers a generation of detectorists an enhanced machine with additional features and added performance.



  • High Resolution Target IDs, from -19 to +99
  • Multi-IQ – True Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology
  • Supreme All-Terrain Detecting – Gold, Park, Field and Beach Search Modes
  • Increased Sensitivity Levels, up to 28
  • Improved Waterproofing, to 5 metres (16ft – IP68)
  • 6 Single Frequency Options – 4/5/10/15/20/40kHz
  • 3-Piece Carbon Fibre Telescopic Stem (folds to 61cm)
  • Lightweight, only 1.2kg
  • Target Separation – Adjust Recovery Speed & Improved Iron Bias
  • Control Box Flashlight, Red Backlight Display, and Vibration setting
  • Advanced Audio Control – 5 Audio Modes with High Configurability
  • Includes two stock Coils – EQX 11” and EQX 6” (EQX 15” Available as an Accessory)
  • Compatible with existing Minelab & CoilTek Equinox coils!
  • Robust Design with 3-Year Warranty
  • An Upgrade to the World’s Best Selling Metal Detector

This metal detector perfectly blends high-performance, comfort, useability and customisation. The popular and elegant design has been remodelled and improved both physically and in terms of operation. The 900 is the perfect upgrade for Equinox users. It’s the metal detector we’ve all been waiting for!


The Equinox 900 is the new generation of metal detector, carbon fibre, collapsible

greater depth, greater sensitivity and in general just a more rounded, intuitive machine than its predecessors.

You no longer need to invest in aftermarket, telescopic, lighter stems, as it has it all straight out-of-the-box. It is stronger, lighter, and more compact than its predecessor, thanks to the use of carbon fibre and telescopic construction.

It comes with the new Minelab scorpion arm rest, which was recently announced on the Manticore, the new Flagship coin and treasure machine. The new arm rest is more comfortable, durable and is simple to adjust, improving the detectorists experience.

In addition to this, the Equinox 900 comes with a fantastic 3-year warranty, once again demonstrating the commitment of its manufacturer Minelab.


The Equinox 900 uses multi-IQ technology. Multi-IQ is the name for the patented, proprietary multi-Frequency technology from Minelab. It is the beating heart that made the Equinox 800 the best-selling metal detector in the world. Multi IQ is the benchmark in multi-Frequency technology. Other manufacturers keep on trying to emulate but so far nothing has come close!

Beach detecting is the perfect example of how multi-IQ can be so beneficial. Saline environments are difficult for any metal detector due to the salt’s conductivity. This can confuse the machine meaning false signals and loss of depth. Multi IQ analyses on multiple frequencies and uses clever algorithms to sniff out the good targets, even in the worse conditions. The result: You find more, more often.

Terrain Modes

Equinox 900 has four terrain/pre-set modes: Field, Beach, Park & Gold

Each of these modes are designed to help you use the detector in a variety of different environments. Once comfortable, you can adjust the pre-sets or completely design your own combinations and save them for future use.


Updated Tones

The ID tones have been updated and offers the following 5 modes:

  • AT (All Tones 99)
  • 1 Tone (for any metal)
  • 2 Tones (Ferrous/Non-Ferrous)
  • 5 Tones (1 Ferrous, 4 Non-Ferrous
  • DP (Deep - similar to the gold mode on the Equinox 800)


Any coils you have purchase for your Equinox 600 or 800 will fit the 900 giving you lots of versatility immediately. It’s not the same purchasing a new machine from another range and having to accumulate all of your detecting equipment again. This machine also comes with two coils as standard (EXQ 6” and EXQ 11”) is another great feature.


This is the perfect metal detector for someone who is new to the hobby and wants an amazing first machine, or for someone who has been using a good detector for a while and is looking for the next level! If you are currently an 800 user, you will love the improvements in the Equinox 900.