Minelab WM 09 Wireless Audio Module

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Minelab WM 09 Wireless Audio Unit

Minelab's WM 08 Wireless Audio Module will allow you to use your preferred wired headphones, wirelessly. The headphones will plug directly into the unit's jack socket, while the unit is kept on your person, leaving the detector free from wires attached to you.

The unit also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and threaded socket for the Equinox waterproof headphones or 1/4 adaptor cable.

The WM09 supports the latest generation of wireless metal detectors from Minelab.

Supported Detectors

  • X-Terra Pro
  • Equinox 700
  • Equinox 900
  • Manticore

Includes a USB charge cable with magnetic connection. This unit is not waterproof.