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Detected a treasure? Then it’s time to dig! Well prepared that is. When we designed the unique Motley Digging Shovels we listened to our customers. That’s why this Shovel is unique in the world and first total travelconcept which is adjustable at any length you like.

Second, it’s thought out. We have developed 3 different shovels for any circumstances you detect, like Forest, Field and parc blades.

Talking about the blade. It’s cold pressed and heath treated which makes it stiff and super strong. We added the Motley Easy Grip D-handle and a hexagon laser cut design to reduce weight. And just look at those 5 incredible colors man! Choose for extreme visibility or maximum camouflage. It’s your digging shovel, you decide.

So, take your Motley Digging shovel . Go to a field, meadow, forest or parc. Detect your treasure. And start digging. Well prepared and okay, good looking.


  • Shovel Dimensions: 100 cm / 66 cm or 39,37 or 26 inch in  length 18cm
  • 7,08 inch  blade width 20cm /7,87 inch blade height
  • Handle dimensions: 13 cm / 5,11 inch width 11,5 cm / 4,72 inch.
  • Handle type: D-shape
  • Handle adjustable length 100cm / 39,37 inch – longest 66cm / 26 inch – shortest
  • Shovel Weight: 1930 gram / 68,07 ounces
  • Made of 2mm high grade heat treated steel, sandblasted
  • Motley Powdercoating finish
  • All terrain shovel especially for use in harvest cropfields, pasture
  • Stealth shape bended blade for better release
  • Travel Concept (fits in your suitcase, backpack, bike, boat, car, canoe)
  • Handle grip and blade are in a forward angled position designed so you use less energy for digging
  • Special hexagon lasercut footplates and 2 way blade, larger surface
  • Quick release easy clamp to adjust your shovel in any length