Powapacs Powapoint Hook Sharpening kit - USB Rechargeable

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The PowaPoint hook sharpening kit has been designed for compact, portable, precision hook sharpening. Using an anti-vibration brass shaft that helps to minimise noise and vibration it sits comfortably in your hand giving quick, no hassle, on-the-go sharpening. Knurled sides ensure easy handling in all conditions whether it’s a quick retouch between casts or when using a new hook. PowaPoint can be used anywhere and anytime due to its small compact size. PowaPoint is USB rechargeable ensuring no need for extra batteries. With up to 6 hours of run time on one charge PowaPoint allows days of continuous sharpening on one charge. The PowaPoint comes with a small LED magnifying glass allowing you to hone the hook precisely, giving a surgical point with ease. Features 2 Speed rotary diamond bit Low 6000 RPM High 7500 RPM Detachable diamond bit USB rechargeable LED charge indicator LED magnifying glass USB cable Carry case Specifications Input : 5V/1000mA Lightweight ABS construction Weight 178g Size 21.4×8.5×4.5cm 2.4V motor Charge time 4 hours max Run time 6 hours max 900mA LitNICD battery