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Quest X10 IDmaxX Metal Detector

Quest X10 IDmaxX Metal Detector, maximum fun for the whole family!
The Quest X10 IDmaxX metal detector offers maximum fun for the whole family and delivers powerful search performance. It is one of the most compact metal detectors on the market and fits in any backpack. Very practical if you always want to have it with you while cycling or hiking.

Go on an adventure with your whole family and find the most beautiful treasures with the Quest X10 IDmaxX metal detector. Suitable for searching in parks, on the beach, in fields, at campsites, in the woods, in playgrounds, and even underwater up to a depth of 3 meters. With the Quest X10 IDmaxX, you can find all types of metals, including iron, gold, and silver!

Is the Quest IDmaxX user-friendly?
The Quest X10 IDmaxX is a very user-friendly and easy-to-operate metal detector, making it suitable for all users, young and old, experienced or inexperienced. It features all the essential functions, including iron discrimination, LED flashlight, orange display lighting, object identification ID, volume control, and even a pinpoint function for precise location detection.

Fully waterproof
The modern design of the IDmaxX is fully waterproof, allowing you to search in all weather conditions without any problems and even dive up to a depth of 3 meters underwater.

Search coil
With the new DD Blade11 search coil, the X10 now searches even deeper and covers a larger area. With the 28 x 26 cm search coil, the X10 IDmaxX becomes a powerful alternative in the mid-price segment.

Adjustable shaft and adjustable armrest
The new shaft is equipped with three rotating attachments, allowing the detector to be adjusted from 49 to 133 cm. Perfectly compact for the backpack! The armrest has also been redesigned and can now be secured with two thick plastic screws and moved along the entire upper shaft. This means no screwdriver is needed to assemble the X10.

Built-in lithium battery
The X10 IDmaxX has a built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable via USB. The battery life is up to 18 hours! This has the advantage that you do not need to buy batteries regularly, which is also better for the environment.

Wireless module
The X10 IDmaxX has a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless module for connecting wireless headphones. Compatible with the WireFree Lite and WireFree Pro headphones from Quest (not included).

What is the difference between the X10 IDmaxX and the X10 Pro? 

  • The X10 IDmaxX has been the successor to the Quest X10 Pro since June 2024. Here is a list of all the differences between the two models:
  • The X10 IDmaxX has a completely new high-quality shaft that can be compacted to as little as 49 cm. This means it fits in most backpacks. The armrest has also been redesigned and can now be easily adjusted to the appropriate position on the upper shaft using two screws.
  • The X10 IDmaxX features a new and larger Blade11 search coil with dimensions of 28 x 26 cm (previously BladeS 24 x 14 cm). This gives the IDmaxX a greater depth range than the X10 Pro.
  • Due to the new shaft and search coil, the IDmaxX is slightly heavier than the X10 Pro, weighing 1.2 kg instead of 950g.
  • The IDmaxX has a built-in wireless module, allowing you to connect the Quest Lite and Quest Pro headphones directly to the detector.
  • The interface has also changed slightly. In addition to the orange display lighting, the IDmaxX now features search modes for park, field, gold, and custom.


Application areas: Land, Shallow water, Underwater, Freshwater beach
Type of metal detector: Digital, Motion
Technology: VLF (Very Low Frequency)
Search frequency: 12 kHz

What's included 

  • Quest X10 IDmaxX metal detector
  • Waterproof 28 x 26 cm Blade11 search coil
  • Protective cover (Already attached to the search coil)
  • Charging cable (USB to USB-C)
  • Adapter cable for wired headphones (USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack)
  • Manual
  • 2 years warranty