Teknetics Liberator Metal Detector

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 The Liberator is the result of nine years of software engineering and features the latest advancements in lightweight design, target accuracy and deep-penetrating detection technology. The Liberator can be used with its default turn-on-and-go settings or it can be customized for any of your treasure hunting applications with its unique features like Enhanced V-Break®, High Resolution Conductivity Arc and Program Memory, as well as Manual and Automatic Search Modes.  Treasure hunting enthusiasts from around the world were involved in the development of this revolutionary new detector. 

V-Break®, variable tone breakpoint
• Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
• Discrimination, motion, no motion
• Variable notching
• Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers, from 1-99
• Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
• Ground Grab®, computerized ground balancing
• 2 search modes
• 4-Tone Audio-ID
• 11-inch waterproof DD searchcoil