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NOW WATERPROOF UP TO 3M/10 FEET. The X10 PRO metal detector from Quest comes with the Turbo-D double D search coil for the best possible performance in highly mineralized soils and beach hunting.

Say goodbye to expensive environmentally unfriendly batteries, the X10 is powered by Li-ion and is equipped with a USB port for recharging the unit.

The X10 PRO is feather-light weighing only 945g. It has a compact breakdown design that allows easy travel and adventure. The X10 pro is fitted with a 9.5” X 5” Turbo-D waterproof search coil, allowing it to be used in the water as well as on land.



  • WATERPROOF up to 3m/10 foot
  • 1-99 Numeric Target-ID
  • 10 Segment Visual Target-ID
  • 4 Tone Audio-ID
  • 4 Modes of Operation: COIN, JEWELLERY , CUSTOM, ALL-METAL
  • 99 Levels of Sensitivity (4 Bar Segment indicator)
  • Adjustable Notch,
  • Backlit LCD Screen,
  • Target Depth indicator,
  • Battery Condition Indicator,
  • Ground Balance Semi-Auto,
  • 9x5 Waterproof Double D Coil,
  • Integrated flashlight (for low-light conditions),
  • USB Charging Port,
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack,
  • VLF Technology,
  • 12kHz Operating Frequency