XP Deus And ORX 5"x9" HF Elliptical Coil

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XP Deus And ORX High Frequency Elliptical search Coill 24x13 cm (9.5"x5") with fitting kit, coil cover and lower stem

  • The XP High Frequency Elliptical search coil comes with the lower rod, and the battery is in the lower stem and connected to the coil via a cable.
  • XP HF Elliptical coil dimensions are 24 cm x 13 cm or 9.45" x 5.12"
  • The XP Elliptical coil operates at three primary frequencies, each adjustable via offsets (three up or down). The offsets are mostly intended for alleviating interference issues and the primaries should be used when possible for best performance. The ranges are as follows (primaries in bold):
    1. 13 kHz < 14 kHz > 15.7 kHz
    2. 26 kHz < 30 kHz > 31 kHz
    3. 68 kHz < 80 kHz > 81 kHz
  • The operating frequency has a direct effect on the battery life. In general, the higher the frequency, the longer the operating time. At 14 kHz you can expect up to 20 hours, at 30 kHz up to 27 hours, and at 80 kHz up to 28 hours of operating time.