XP DEUS II Dive Shaft

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Xp  DEUS II Dive Shaft designed for diving with DEUS II. New ergonomic, lightweight, collapsible S-shaped stem assembly. This stem will allow detecting in the most compact mode possible.

  •  The lower stem is monobloc, one piece and specific for this application.
  • The stainless steel cam lock pin holding the pressure plate is replaced by a plastic pin to avoid being detected by the coil.
  • This stem is 75 cm long when extended; 45 cm when collapsed.
  • The handle is the same as the XP S-TELESCOPIC Lite handle.
  • Weight 285 g
  • On the holder, a new connection point has been added to attach the lanyard from the remote control.
  •  The remote control slide-on mount has an additional hole enabling the cable to exit the handle adjacent to the remote/puck
  • This stem is also very convenient on land for children up to 1.20m.