XP Metal Detectors

Based in Toulouse since 1998, XP have developed and manufactured innovative, high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become a reference among enthusiasts. Conceived of by their engineers in collaboration with experienced detectorists, XP’s range of metal detectors has been designed to respond to users’ real expectations. Products combine power, selectivity and ergonomics to strike the perfect balance between performance characteristics!

XP metal detectors offer the highest levels of technology and innovation for the serious metal detector. They have designed their metal detectors to offer exceptional quality and precision with advanced features to help you pinpoint the right finds easily including. Features include: 4 non-motion modes including disc with accept/reject meter, audio disc, pinpoint and all metal, ground mineralisation meter, signal strength meter, audio response adjustment, deeper wet beach technology and dry beach modes. 4 frequencies, ground balance and advanced functions let you master your metal detecting.